Aryanne Oade

Aryanne Oade, coaching businessAryanne set up her coaching business in 1994 and since then has worked with executives and senior managers from over forty-five organisations in fourteen sectors based across the UK, Europe and North America. Combining business psychology with professional acting, Aryanne’s insightful and innovative coaching enables clients to learn about the connections between their intra-personal and inter-personal selves, gain greater influence over the key factors for success in their work, and build a life and work experience they are passionate about.

Aryanne is the author of a suite of five books for people at work on handling challenging workplace dynamics (Palgrave Macmillan) and a niche book for coaches (How To Books). She is the author and publisher of Free Yourself from Workplace Bullying: Become Bully-Proof and Regain Control of Your Life (Flourish 2015), an award winning bestseller on de-toxifying, recovering and protecting yourself from workplace bullying; and Bullying in Teams: How to Survive It and Thrive which is the only book on the market to focus on bullying in a team environment. You can learn more about and buy both of these books here.

Aryanne has appeared on BBC Radio and Channel 4. She has presented at the British Association for the Advancement of Science, and is a regular speaker at conferences and events. Her work on enabling clients to become bully-proof and recover from workplace bullying has been featured in Irish Independent (Sunday), Psychologies, Marie Claire, Good Housekeeping and Midwives.

Aryanne’s articles have also appeared in the Institute of Director’s Director magazine, in HR Director, Nursing Times, Safety and Health Practitioner and SHP Online.  You can access many of these articles as well as her inspiring audio presentation Recovery from Workplace Bullying and her manifestos Principles Under Pressure : Working in Adversarial Relationships and Responding Effectively to Workplace Bullying : Managing Behaviour at the Time of an Attack by clicking the downloads link below.

You can read Aryanne’s blog here, or click on the links below to browse her books or listen to her speaking about the themes from her third book Building Influence in the Workplace. Aryanne lives on a non-commercial farm in Yorkshire from where she runs her business.


Qualifications and Memberships

Aryanne qualified as a chartered psychologist in 1991. She is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (AFBPsS), a member of the BPS’s Special Group in Coaching Psychology, and a general member in the BPS’s Division of Occupational Psychology.

Aryanne has an M.Sc. in Occupational Psychology from the Social and Applied Psychology Unit, University of Sheffield (1989). She is an accredited Myers-Briggs, FIRO-B, EQ-i 2.0 and EQ360 practitioner, and an AAMET Certified EFT practitioner.

Aryanne also holds the BPS Certificate of Competence in Occupational Testing for Level A and Level B Intermediate, and the European Test User Certificate (Level 2) Work and Organisational Assessment.


Our Actors

Oade Associates actors are skilled professionals whose talents add value to clients’ learning experiences.  They enact bespoke scenarios which re-create the exact dynamics clients find challenging to handle.  By placing themselves in a realistic scenario, in the safety of the coaching room, clients can re-visit the very circumstances in which they lost credibility or influence, used well-intentioned but ineffective behaviour, or didn’t achieve their goals for a meeting. The resultant feedback and practise enable powerful learning as clients assimilate new and more effective ways of handling the most challenging behaviour and circumstances.

Oade Associates works with a small pool of professional actors each of whom is able at portraying a range of convincing senior business characters, and at providing developmental feedback.