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Disclaimer Notice: Being bullied carries with it risks that these resources cannot (and do not intend to) eliminate without reference to other resources. These include risks of personal injury in any form.  The insights, tools and strategies discussed in these resources are for general information only. I do not intend that readers and listeners rely on one or more of the resources as standalone solutions to the bullying they may face. These resources provide no guarantee that any of their methods will provide solutions to the situations readers may find themselves in. Accordingly, they are not intended to provide personalised advice on handling bullying and use of the insights, tools and strategies discussed in them is entirely at the reader’s risk.

In addition to reading these resources, consulting your organisation’s anti-bullying policy and contacting your employer’s HR department, I recommend that those of you who are most impacted by experiences of workplace bullying work with a practitioner experienced in enabling recovery from experiences of bullying at work.


For Managers who Need to Respond to an Incident of Bullying in their Team

Read Aryanne’s American Psychological Association article ‘Responding to an Incident of Bullying at Work: An Opportunity to Create a Zero-Tolerance Culture’

(PDF 235KB)


Altering the Bullying Dynamic

Read Ali Roff’s article on Aryanne’s work enabling clients to alter the bullying dynamic at the time of an attack.

(PDF 107KB)


Become Bully-Proof

Read Aryanne’s article on strategies for countering bullying behaviour in the workplace.

(PDF 691KB)


Avoiding the Pitfalls

Read Aryanne’s article on how to avoid using well-intentioned but ineffective strategies at the time of an attack.

(PDF 225KB)


Recovery from Workplace Bullying

Listen to Aryanne speaking about Recovery from Workplace Bullying at AAMET’s Conference in January 2012. The talk features Aryanne’s use of Emotional Freedom Techniques, or tapping, when working on these issues.

(MP3 Audio 13.6MB)


Strong-arm Tactics

Read Aryanne’s article on how to identify, respond to and manage workplace bullying.

(PDF file 163KB)


Principles Under Pressure: Working in Adversarial Relationships

Download Aryanne’s manifesto on how to use specific behaviour to manage the unclear boundaries, ambivalent motives and occasional duplicitous conduct that characterises adversarial working relationships. This manifesto is a 2,500 word summary of the key themes from her book Working in Adversarial Relationships.

(PDF file 733KB)


Responding Effectively to Workplace Bullying: Managing Behaviour at the Time of an Attack

Download Aryanne’s manifesto which will equip you with the interpersonal know-how and the insight you need to respond effectively to incidents of workplace bullying. This manifesto is a 2,500 word summary of the key themes from her book Managing Workplace Bullying.

(PDF file 447KB)