Working with Challenging Colleagues

Do you know that for many people, working with colleagues with whom you have few shared values, little in common, and different aims, can be one of the greatest sources of strain at work. The challenge is compounded by the energy it takes to manage a challenging colleague in a closely structured working relationship.

A challenging colleague is a member of staff with whom you need to work closely in order to get things done to standard and on time.  But this colleague says one thing but does another. They commit to certain deadlines which then pass without the work being completed.  They volunteer to do certain things by certain times, but then don’t follow through on their promises.  There is only so much pressure you can apply. You need to work with this colleague day in, day out.  Your challenge is to find a way of handling them so that the process of the work becomes less stressful.

Learning to work alongside challenging colleagues like the one described above takes a set of specific carefully crafted skills, tools which can be learnt simply and straightforwardly.  For access for more resources on how to handling a challenging peer effectively click here.