Bully-Proofing: Essential Skills

As incidents of workplace bullying increase across the country, acquiring bully-proofing skills has become essential for employees.

Workplace bullying is about power.  The bully wants to remove power from their target and retain that control for themselves, establishing a bullying dynamic between them.  A skilled bully simultaneously attacks three of their target’s forms of power: their personal power (their self-esteem, self-belief and self-confidence); their reputational influence (their credibility in the eyes of others); and their organisational status (their ability to perform their role effectively).

Being attacked in a campaign orchestrated along these lines can be overwhelming.  Targets can feel powerless to protect themselves especially if the bully is more senior than them.  The toxic combination of not knowing how to protect themselves, and having to work alongside the bully day after day, results in many targets complying with the bully’s wishes to get the encounter over with quickly, inadvertently making it easier for the bully to target them again.

However, there is much that a target can do at the time of an attack to mitigate the impact of the bullying and protect themselves.  Click here to keep reading and find out how.