How Imposter Syndrome Could be Holding You Back

Imposter Syndrome is very common amongst successful people at work.  Imposter Syndrome is the fear that, no matter how successful or well qualified you have become, you are not really that good at what you do.  And that, one day, someone is going to find you out, call you a fraud and leave you to pick up the pieces of your shattered credibility and self-esteem.

If you identify with this description, the good news is you don’t have to struggle with these fears. Because that is what they are: fears you have generated about yourself which are not actually the truth about you. Those fears are a reflection of a series of self-limiting and self-defeating beliefs, thoughts and feelings, all of which can be challenged and replaced by self-confident, life-affirming alternatives.

I firmly believe that confidence is a learned skill. Enabling clients to develop their self-confidence, and demonstrate greater self-belief, is a key goal in most coaching programmes. If you would like to read more about how I work with issues around Imposter Syndrome click here.