Essential Bully-Proofing Skills

As incidents of workplace bullying increase across the country, acquiring bully-proofing skills has become essential for employees. Workplace bullying is about power.  The bully wants to remove power from their target and retain that control for themselves, establishing a bullying dynamic between them.  A skilled bully simultaneously attacks three of their target’s forms of power: […]

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Handling Conflict in Your Workplace

Some of you may look forward to resolving conflicts at work, confident that a well-handled discussion with your colleague will do the trick. But many more of you probably don’t look forward to tackling situations of conflict and disagreement with your colleagues, and may even avoid trying to resolve conflicts altogether so little confidence do […]

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Taking the Stress Out of Networking

It can feel daunting to attend a networking event. You might walk into the room and not know anybody and flounder. Even if you do recognise some people you might not know how to approach them. Or what to say if they are already speaking with other people. However, there are some simple skills you […]

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