Private Coaching

Your bespoke private coaching programme will enable you to step back from your most challenging workplace dynamics, and develop a suite of effective skills and tools for handling them. The specific objectives of your programme will be developed with you before the programme commences but could include how to:

  • Handle your most demanding colleagues, clients and workplace contacts simply and effectively.
  • Respond effectively to adversarial, bullying or political behaviour so that you retain influence and control under pressure.
  • Work effectively with people with whom you have no or few shared values and different ways of working.
  • Step up to a more senior role, developing the additional skills and resources you need to succeed.

Your private coaching programme could involve tailor-made roleplays with professional actors taking the part of your most challenging workplace contacts. It will enable you to:

  • Learn about your inner world: your personality, character and values as they apply to work.
  • Understand the links between your intrapersonal world and the behaviour you use everyday.
  • Turn areas where you feel underpowered or lacking in influence into areas of skill and strength.
  • Develop enhanced levels of resilience, self-confidence and self-belief.
  • Return to the workplace having assimilated new ways of thinking and behaving which will enable you to succeed without strain.



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