More Testimonials


Senior Executive : International Financial Services Industry

“I have been working with Aryanne for many years and I have found her support as an executive coach and as an author of books on key managerial topics extremely insightful. Not only was she instrumental in improving my managerial skills at a crucial stage of my career, but she has also helped me regularly to understand myself better and to develop my career in a personally fulfilling direction. Finally, I really value the fact that she has always been open and available to me over the years as a key sounding board and committed to maintain a long term client relationship.”


Senior Partner : Law Firm

“Aryanne’s input has enabled us to discover the best in ourselves and in each other.”



HR Director : Large Public Organisation

“I have worked with Aryanne over a 12 month period in her capacity as a coach. During this time Aryanne has supported and helped me, through her questioning and listening skills, to work through a very difficult time both professionally and personally. Without Aryanne’s insight and excellent coaching skills, her genuine interest and concern for me both professionally and as an individual, I would not have been able to move on in my life in the way that I have. Aryanne has restored my self confidence, has provided me with insight and reasoning and given me the ability to de-personalise situations and see the world from different perspectives. Aryanne’s coaching programme has been inspiring and life changing for me. I would certainly recommend Aryanne Oade as a coach to help individuals through challenging periods in their lives.”



Hospital Consultant : NHS Trust

“The opportunity to work with Aryanne arose out of the unfortunate experience of working with a very difficult adversarial colleague in an unsupportive working environment. I was initially a little apprehensive about the work but it quickly became evident that my anxieties were unfounded. Aryanne’s sessions were carefully tailored to my individual needs and targeted to match my level of emotional resilience. They were a skilful and constructive mix of emotional, specialist psychological and practical support. The work helped me arrive at a position whereby I was able to negotiate difficult interactions and make decisions which had previously been impossible. We explored the relevant aspects of me, my colleagues and my working environment which had contributed to my crisis. We jointly examined my occupational and emotional profile which helped identify and quantify my strengths, and also sensitively looked at areas which I could improve in order to function better in both my working and also my personal relationships in future. In my opinion Aryanne is undoubtedly one of those exceptional individuals who can strike exactly the right balance of a genuine warmth and empathy for her clients with an extremely objective experienced psychological eye. Her professionalism and kindness allows extremely sensitive areas of individual and interpersonal difficulty to be explored in ways that are manageable and ultimately empowering; even in times of great distress and upset such as I was experiencing. Without this work I would probably still be at an impasse with my employer. I now feel able to negotiate my situation in a more assertive manner and I am more confident about how to better support my longer term health and wellbeing.”



Partner : Professional Services Firm

“I would like to thank Aryanne for all the help and support she provided to me during the time we worked together. She helped me to add clarity to my own thinking, allowed me to see myself for who I am, and to better understand my communication issues with my colleagues. The processes we worked through are allowing me to move forward personally and professionally, adding to my own self worth and allowing me to make a larger contribution to our business.”



Corporate Finance Manager : Large Accountancy Firm

“Aryanne spent time at the outset to understand from both my colleagues and me what the key areas of focus of the programme should be. She then adapted the scope of the work as we went along as particular themes became more prominent. This meant that we focused our time to give me best overall value. Her experience and insight quickly gained my trust, and this enabled us to address how my wider motivations and specific style impacted on how I deliver at work. Most importantly, after the analysis stage, everything we had spoken about was applied directly to the work environment and, while I would normally shy away from role plays, these were invaluable in helping me understand what practical changes I need to make to improve my performance. I went away with a new found awareness about how I am perceived by others and how I need to adapt myself to different situations and people. Most of all Aryanne’s coaching gave me greater confidence to give my opinion in the right way. The feedback I have received since has been excellent. The way Aryanne works means that the sessions are focused and have real practical applications. She achieves this through the way she plans and listens, through focusing the scope of the programme, and through her genuine insights and her role play methodology.”



Specialist Consultant : NHS Trust

“I am a doctor working at consultant level in a busy district general hospital. I had an unfortunate upsetting experience at work that knocked my confidence and made me question my choice of vocation. Aryanne was able to identify the issues that I hadn’t recognised myself and systematically work on those issues until I could view the situation differently. She used a number of assessment tools to evaluate my personality and behaviour in the workplace and thus used techniques that would be most effective to my behavioural style. She was also able to give me tailor-made coaching as to how to manage future stressful events should the need arise. I now feel that although the sessions were planned as a solution to a problem, for which they were very effective, they have been proactive at preparing me for the rest of my career. I would not hesitate to recommend Aryanne as without her, I would no longer be working in my chosen profession.”



Senior Manager : International Engineering and Construction Company

“Navigating around organisational politics and adversarial relationships at work can bring your personal progress to a grinding halt and hinder business opportunities. Through Aryanne’s unique coaching and guidance I was able to bring reason and understanding to an adversarial situation I found myself in, and which I was partially oblivious to. Aryanne’s support has enabled me to develop skills which I have used to great effect. She is an expert in her field of work, and I would certainly recommend Aryanne Oade as a coach to any business professional needing this type of support.”




Hospital Consultant : NHS Trust

“I was referred to Aryanne by the Occupational Health doctor of the NHS Trust in which I work as a consultant. I had become depressed and was unable to work, having what is known as ‘burnout’. Aryanne, from the start, enabled me to identify my goals and put together a programme to attain them. She used a number of different resources and questionnaires always explaining their purpose and relevance. This enabled me to learn about myself and, crucially, the way I function in my organisation. Her warm and non-judgemental approach enabled me to explore difficult areas. This included aspects of my personal history that had contributed to my developing what had become unhelpful strategies. Being able to acknowledge this contributed towards the success of our work together and opened up ways of thinking and working that I am continuing to explore. We achieved the goals. The way she dealt with closure enabled me to take charge of and carry forward my learning. I would recommend Aryanne as a coach to those requiring a means to deal with work or professional issues that cause distress or ill-health. Her style is logical, calm, non-judgemental and warm, enabling a feeling of security that permits examination of difficult areas and enabling understanding.  As a therapeutic coach she is expert, adept and enabling.”



Training Manager : Large Public Sector Organisation

“Aryanne delivered two tailor-made workshops on influencing techniques to around 100 of our staff.  Before the workshops, Aryanne organised a meeting to understand what we wanted to achieve from the sessions and seek background on the day-to-day business of our organisation. The workshop content was built around these discussions – we really appreciated this flexibility shown by Aryanne, which was a unique selling point for us. The workshops were a mix of presentation and groups exercises: Aryanne’s presentation was clear and concise, and ideas were illustrated through informative examples.  The workshops were a success and were well-received by our staff: the group exercises generated lots of good discussion and our staff came away with an enhanced appreciation of the key influencing techniques and how they relate to the work we do.  Overall we were delighted with the service provided by Aryanne and found her a pleasure to work with.”


Elizabeth A Wood, RN, ONC, NDN, SPCPHN, PGDip, MBA : Head of Occupational Health & Wellbeing Services, York Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“Having used Aryanne’s services on a number of occasions, I can say that her advice and support, actions and delivery have proved beneficial to my organisation and specifically to my service delivery of health care provision. Her clarity of thought and careful management of the personalities involved assisted me in building a really efficient and capable senior team whose understanding of each others personality traits enhanced our team dynamics and work delivery. I cannot emphasise how much assistance her work with us was, and on a personal front her support to me as a senior manager has been invaluable in developing an efficient and cost effective team approach to our business development and productivity. I would recommend her services specifically in the arena of team building, team dynamics and use of personality trait analysis to enable better understanding of how your team functions individually and as a whole unit. We all benefited from this work.”