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Are You Being Bullied at Work?

How to Recover From, Prevent and Cope with a Toxic Workplace

Workplace bullying is a toxic experience. It can deflate your self-esteem, destroy your
self-confidence and impair your ability to perform. Are You Being Bullied at Work? provides insights, tools, strategies and tactics that anyone can use to deal with any bullying situation at work.

Practical and empathetic, this invaluable guide is positive and progressive throughout, encouraging you to learn new skills, and internalize new ways of thinking about yourself and the bullying to which you are subject. Each chapter contains realistic examples and case studies, as well as thought-provoking questions to challenge your thinking and inspire self-reflection, and a summary of key facts for easy future reference.

You will learn to:
• Protect yourself against bullying behaviour, altering the dynamic in your favour
• Regain your confidence and self-belief after an experience of workplace bullying
• Support someone you know who is vulnerable to being targeted
• Prevent a workplace bully from grooming or targeting you – for good



Bullying in Teams

How to Survive It and Thrive

This compassionate guide is the only book to show you how to tackle bullying in your team. Packed with practical wisdom and proven strategies, it will show you how to combat a team bully, retain your dignity when targeted in front of team members, and speak up for a colleague who is being bullied in front of you.

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Free Yourself From Workplace Bullying

Become Bully-Proof and Regain Control of Your Life

An award-winning bestseller on combating workplace bullying, de-toxifying from a campaign and recovering your self-confidence and self-belief.

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Managing Challenging Clients

Building Effective Relationships with Difficult Customers

Do you need to deliver an effective service to challenging and, at times, unreasonable internal or external clients? Do you worry that you’ll lose business, or suffer damage to your reputation, because you haven’t handled a particular customer well enough? Do you need to improve the quality of your relationships with your clients in order to secure more repeat and long-term business or to avoid your function being out-sourced? Or perhaps you want to understand how to work more effectively with clients who are troublesome and challenging from your first contact with them onwards. If so, this book is for you.

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Working in Adversarial Relationships

Operating Effectively in Relationships Characterised by Little Trust or Support   

Do you work in an environment marked by adversarial working relationships? Are your managers, peers and / or team members unable or unwilling to offer you sufficient levels of trust or support? Do you think that the quality of the work you do is compromised by the fragile workplace alliances you have to work within? If so, this book is for you.

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Building Influence in the Workplace

How to Gain and Retain Influence at Work

Do you lack influence at work? Do your values clash with those of your key workplace contacts? Do you find yourself getting into conflict with them over key decisions and problems? Do you waste time and energy arguing over what matters most and what might go wrong? If so, this book is for you.

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Managing Workplace Bullying

How to Identify, Respond to and Manage Bullying Behaviour in the Workplace

Are you subject to bullying behaviour at work? Are you responsible for managing someone who uses bullying behaviour at work? Do you want to know how to offer effective support to a friend or family member who is being bullied in the workplace? If so, this book is for you.

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Managing Politics at Work

The Essential Toolkit for Identifying and Handling Political Behaviour in the Workplace

Do you want to acquire the knowledge, wisdom, skills and tactics which will give you greater influence in political situations at work? Perhaps you lack the confidence and know-how to handle the political element in your workplace. Perhaps you just want to make sense of the political behaviour you see going around you. Or perhaps you want to acquire a set of effective tools which will help you to work more productively with your colleagues in a highly political workplace environment. If so, this book is for you.

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Starting and Running a Coaching Business

The Complete Guide to Setting Up and Managing a Coaching Practice

This book guides you through a comprehensive, practical and personalised process to enable you to negotiate the pitfalls and reap the benefits of working alone, selling and marketing your business, and taking sole responsibility for decision-making and problem-solving. The book will enable you to establish and develop your coaching business by helping you to decide how to handle ten key aspects of your practice.

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