Deputy CEO : Public Service Organisation

“Aryanne’s support, wisdom, candour and professionalism came at a critical point in my career development.  This has been a transformational experience for me. She brings honesty, impartiality and intellectual challenge to her coaching, along with enlightened curiosity based on clear provenance, and a style that includes impressive humility and warmth. I would recommend her professional services without reservation.  Aryanne’s support encouraged me to consciously and critically reflect on my characteristics, behaviours and working practices.  This has been something of an enlightenment. This conscious reflection has become naturalised in my practice and is an ‘approach’ I now encourage team members and peers to utilise.  I achieved a great many ‘breakthroughs’ during my coaching with Aryanne.  These experiences have permanently enhanced my professional scope and insight.”


Head of Service : International Law Firm

“Aryanne is a super coach.  She has helped me assess where I am today and where I want to be tomorrow, along with the tools and techniques I have at my disposal.  In the most supportive way possible, Aryanne has guided me to refine each aspect to significantly up my game and leave behind much of what is not needed.”


Paul Dickson : Chief Executive and Managing Partner, Armstrong Watson

“I engaged Aryanne to help me personally with my self development when I was about to take over the leadership of a top accountancy and financial services business in the UK. Aryanne helped me to see and understand what type of leader I am and to really understand the different personalities that I would be leading. This enabled me to get the best results for the business and for the individuals that I would lead. Aryanne challenged me to think differently and to put in to practice what I learned. I can honestly say that I doubt I would have hit the ground running as quickly had I not had the benefit of working with Aryanne. The work we did in the months leading up to me taking over leadership of the business was one of the best investments that we have made.”


CEO : Public Sector Organisation

“Working with Aryanne has been a transformative experience.  I can safely say that it has been the most important choice that I have made in my career to date.  I engaged with Aryanne after spending much of the previous 25 years in leadership roles in my chosen field.  At the time, I had been CEO for two years of a publicly-funded body that had been experiencing very considerable growth.  I needed a route map to escape from the undergrowth.  Aryanne provides the space for evaluation and self-reflection that enables you to map your own forward pathway.  I have learned a great deal about myself on the journey.  And this makes me a far more able leader, negotiator and strategist.”


Senior Executive : Banking

“I was very privileged to work with Aryanne during the early stages of my career in Banking after a manager told me I was a train waiting to de-rail, but he could see my potential.  I learned a huge amount about myself, how to avoid being stressed and how to get the best from those around me and myself. The coaching I received was invaluable and I use the techniques I learned in my interactions every day.  A year ago I moved up several levels in the organisation to a senior position working directly to the CEO.  My technical skills are a given. What is important is my ability to listen, identify emerging control risks, challenge the status quo and influence changes in behaviour for an improved outcome.  I approached Aryanne again to help me develop the skills I need in this role to ensure success and improve my self-awareness. Aryanne has been phenomenal. After gauging where I had got to since we last worked together, she developed a programme specific to my needs. She has helped me identify areas of behaviour I can leverage to be more effective within and external to the organisation.  As a result, I am much more self-aware and I am seeing the benefits in the role I perform today.  The use of role-play has been hugely helpful and provides a safe environment to practise new skills.  I enjoy working with Aryanne and as a result I have continued to retain her services as a coach as I progress on my journey in this new role.”


Departmental Head : Global Organisation

“Through the work I’ve done with Aryanne over the last year, I now have deep insight into my own strengths and the unique characteristics that drive me. I understand others better, have more productive relationships and am far clearer in my professional objectives. Although the coaching sessions have ended, the skills I’ve learned will continue to influence me for the rest of my working life. It’s been a valuable experience.”


Hospital Consultant : NHS Trust

“To describe Aryanne as an expert in her field does not do her justice; her command of her subject is outstanding. She is deeply insightful and understanding. She is sensitive and supportive, and the quality of her listening is at times breath-taking. She creates such a secure relationship environment that her occasional pieces of frank feedback are palatable and easy to digest. She focuses intensely on the individual and plans the work to meet their precise needs, but within this structure there is always flexibility to deal with new issues as they arise. I was very reluctant to take part in role play, indeed it seemed one challenge too far for me. However, Aryanne prepared the day thoroughly and chose an actor who was intelligent, sensitive and supportive. The day was a great success and the new skills I learned are proving invaluable. My new insights, understanding and skills are changing the way I behave at work, making me more relaxed, confident and effective. Aryanne’s coaching programme has been a life-changing experience for me and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”



Equity Partner : Law Firm

“A personal journey: robustly honest and reflective – you certainly see yourself for what you are. Revealing, progressive and enormously effective in helping achieve exactly what’s needed. I cannot recommend Aryanne and her programme highly enough.”



Director : NHS Trust

“I worked with Aryanne for a period of 8 months.  During this time she assisted me to identify what strengths I should utilise more, and what aspects of my work I needed to exert greater control over.  Her style is responsive and tailored to what is needed in the moment, which made it safe for me to express deeply held feelings and conflicts. Aryanne has a well-rounded understanding of all things psychological, and uses appropriate tools to explore difficult areas of understanding and impact.  I found her to be intellectually challenging as well as caring – a difficult balance to master.”


Managing Partner : Professional Services Firm

“We asked Aryanne to get involved with a couple of issues we had in our business. The first was to deal with one of our manager’s management style. Through Aryanne working with this individual we have seen a dramatic change in their approach which has been noticed by their staff and colleagues. They now understand the unhelpful impact of their actions on others, even if they were well intentioned from their perspective. We now have a more effective manager and at the same time have removed some of the risk from our business. We also asked Aryanne to do some work with a senior member of our leadership team to help them with their self confidence and leadership. We have seen a change in this individual for the better. They now understand what they need to do and how to go about getting the results they need. I have no hesitation in recommending Aryanne to anyone who wants to develop the people in their business to become the best that they can be.”


Mike Kienlen : Partner, Armstrong Watson

“Being introduced to Aryanne was one of the best things that has happened to me. I was going through a tough time dealing with the pressures of life, including but not exclusively, managing the much sought after work/life balance. I was struggling, and had been forced to take some time out of the business in order to realign. Aryanne helped me through that process and I doubt very much I could have done it without her. Not only am I indebted to Aryanne but so is my family. I have grown as an individual and am now aware of my personal strengths and weaknesses. This has greatly helped me both at home and at work. Thank you.”


Equity Partner : International Law Firm

“The coaching I’ve received from Aryanne has been one of the most valuable learning experiences I have ever experienced and if anyone is ever given the opportunity to work with her I would recommend they embrace it. There can be some painful lessons to learn about yourself but Aryanne is incredibly supportive throughout the process and whatever stage you’re at in your career you and your colleagues will benefit enormously.”


Tim Entwistle : North West Lead Partner, BDO LLP

“I’ve worked with Aryanne on a number of projects recently. At the outset of each she fully explored the issues and provided a detailed written proposal outlining the approach, timetable and fees. The programmes were well received by the people she coached and resulted in dramatic changes in their behaviour. Overall, Aryanne’s approach is truly professional and highly effective.”


Senior Academic : University

“Aryanne helped me to identify, analyse and assess a workplace bullying situation which has persisted for over two years.  It was healing in itself to have someone wise, patient, sensitive and pragmatic listen to what I can and cannot articulate.  Aryanne assigned personally catered exercises as we reflected on this difficult period, and our conversations were essential for me to find closure and move forward.  I am now ready to stand on my feet again, and look forward to putting the various strategies and understandings Aryanne and I have discussed to sustainable, self-aware and self-preserving practice.”


Equity Partner : Professional Services Firm

“Aryanne has helped me enormously in recovering from workplace bullying. My life is back on track and I know myself so much better. Aryanne has given me the tools to be able to deal with difficult situations. Her level of support and understanding made the whole process feel very safe. She has changed my life for the better.”



Hospital Consultant : NHS Trust

“I was referred to Aryanne for coaching after experiencing bullying by one of my senior colleagues at my previous workplace, and also after colleagues in my new workplace noticed that I needed some ‘direction’ in managing stressful situations in the acute hospital specialty team that I am part of now. I was completely open to this and I must say that working with Aryanne is the single most beneficial intervention that I have undergone in my whole career. Working with Aryanne has allowed me to face some difficult and upsetting issues that have really been ‘holding me back’ over many years, and she had provided a safe, caring and professional environment in which to deal with these and heal from these. I now feel that I have mentally and emotionally ‘de-cluttered’ from my past negative experiences and this has allowed me to regain my balance with life both inside and outside of the workplace. My family and colleagues have noticed the change, and Aryanne has given me the means and the confidence to keep going in this positive way. Aryanne is a truly unique, talented and special individual and I cannot thank or praise her enough for what she has done for me. I consider myself to be very fortunate to have worked with Aryanne and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.”

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