Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is for clients whose organisation is investing in their development. Programmes often involve:

  • Development for people who have been promoted to a position of significant authority, or are about to be promoted to a senior role. The work equips clients with the leadership skills and self-awareness to handle complex senior-level relationships effectively, create service improvements, deliver effectively and work alongside established senior figures.
  • Development for people for whom things are going well but whose workload or the complexities of their role mean that they would benefit from developing more sophisticated leadership, influencing, people-handling and emotional intelligence skills; as well as additional options for managing their profile, handling political agendas, managing power dynamics and resolving conflicts.
  • Coaching for people who are technically excellent but who haven’t developed their professional skills to the same extent. What they offer intellectually and in terms of their knowledge does not consistently translate into behaviours which build their profile, with the result that they don’t gain the level of influence they want. Programmes equip clients with greater self-awareness, enhanced professional skills, and the know-how to build and sustain influence with key colleagues.

The specific objectives and process of your confidential programme will be developed with you before the work commences, and could include:

  • Improving your effectiveness while reducing personal wear and tear.
  • Securing greater influence with key opinion formers.
  • Demonstrating increased resilience under pressure.
  • Handling complex political or adversarial agendas.
  • Demonstrating enhanced leadership skills and increased emotional intelligence.
  • Developing greater self-confidence and self-belief.
  • Resolving conflicts so that key contacts buy into your plans and proposals.

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