Executive Coaching

Many of my executive coaching clients are already successful, performing complex senior-level roles. They work with me because they are looking for fresh ideas, constructive challenge, and an empathic guide.  I successfully work from the premise that the additional resources clients seek are already inside them.

Executive coaching programmes often focus on the intersection between leadership and personal wellbeing. Each programme involves tailored development for clients who are:

  • In a position of significant authority or are about to be promoted to a senior role.
  • Performing effectively but whose workload or the complexities of their role mean they would benefit from developing a more sophisticated skillset.
  • Technically excellent but haven’t developed their professional skills to the same extent as their knowledge base.

The outcomes of your programme will depend on its specific objectives but are likely to include:

  • Improved effectiveness in your role but with less personal wear and tear.
  • Reduced strain at work as you develop the know-how to handle complex workplace dynamics.
  • Greater self-confidence and self-belief as you establish and maintain credibility with demanding senior figures.
  • Improved leadership and increased emotional intelligence skills.
  • Enhanced resilience under pressure.
  • Greater options for handling political or adversarial agendas.
  • Enhanced influence with key opinion formers.
  • Additional know-how when handling senior-level power dynamics.
  • Greater options for resolving conflicts.

The objectives and process of your programme will be developed with you before the work starts, and are likely to include a combination of meetings at West View Farm and roleplay coaching meetings.


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