Executive Coaching

Participate in a confidential bespoke executive coaching programme to develop the skills and know-how you need to thrive in your role.  Your executive coaching programme will combine business psychology and professional acting, elements which will enable you to make rapid progress against your coaching goals and demonstrate sustained behaviour change.  This method of working will ensure that you:

  • Learn about your inner world: your personality, character and values as they apply to the workplace.
  • Understand the links between your intrapersonal world and the behaviour you use everyday, developing a greater range of options for use in challenging dynamics.
  • Practise using optimal behaviour in a series of tailor-made scenarios which you select from your working life, with a skilled professional actor portraying your challenging colleagues and workplace contacts.
  • Go back to work having fully assimilated your enhanced behavioural toolkit so that you are ready to employ it straight away.

The specific objectives of your programme will be developed with you before the work commences but could include:

  • Achieving greater success with less personal wear and tear.
  • Securing influence with less effort.
  • Demonstrating significant resilience under pressure.
  • Handling complex political or adversarial agendas with greater insight and effectiveness.
  • Demonstrating increased levels of emotional intelligence.
  • Enhancing your credibility with your most challenging contacts.
  • Leading your team or organization with greater self-confidence and self-belief.



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