Starting and Running a Coaching Business

Starting and running a coaching businessThe Complete Guide to Setting Up and Managing a Coaching Practice

Have you recently started working as an independent coach, or are you considering doing so? Perhaps you are moving into coaching from a human resources or learning and development background, from a line management role or from another area altogether. Perhaps you are just setting up your coaching business, or have already done so. If so, this book is for you.

This book guides you through a comprehensive, practical and personalised process as you negotiate the pitfalls and reap the rewards of:

  • Working alone.
  • Selling and marketing your business.
  • Taking sole responsibility for decision-making and problem-solving.

This book will help you establish and develop your coaching practice by identifying how you will handle each of ten key aspects of your business. The book will enable you to decide how to:

  • Define your coaching offer.
  • Find and approach potential clients.
  • Sell your services to them.
  • Handle your relationships with your clients.
  • Manage your business’s finances.
  • Manage yourself and your ethical responsibilities.
  • Stay on top of your ongoing professional development … and much more.

Praise for the book

“Aryanne Oade’s book Starting and Running a Coaching Business is the perfect companion to any individual who has recently made the exciting decision to go it alone……Commendation must go to Oade for writing a book that is both sufficient in depth and, at the same time, can be read so effortlessly. The 10 chapters are clearly delineated, making it easy for readers to dip in and out when they are looking for advice on specific issues. It is a reassuring and definitive toolkit for anyone considering, or indeed for those already pursuing, a private coaching practice.”

YSEULT FREENEY  The Irish Psychologist April 2009

“…a joy to read and could easily become a revisited bible for coaching entrepreneurs.”

SARAH MCCARTHY  The Coaching Psychologist, Volume 5 No 2, December 2009

“The author takes a pleasingly measured and carefully crafted approach…There is a lot of wisdom (and experience) here too.”

COLIN COOMBS  Coaching at Work, Volume 4 Issue 3

“This is a sensational book for people who are looking to start a coaching business.”

IAN CRAWFORD  Candor Training and Consultancy, reviewed in SmallBizPod April 2009

“As someone who has hired coaches, been coached, now coaches others, and has run a viable business for the last two years, I can only say that I wish Aryanne had written her book sooner. While there are many business start-up texts, for the coach thinking of setting up on their own, this packs genuine, practical advice into every page and is likely to become a definitive reference.”

DAMIAN GRIFFITHS  Director VProfessional, Former IT Director Addleshaw Goddard and Eversheds

“This is a book that presents an often complex topic in a logical, easy to read and readily digestible way that is immediately useful to anyone busy setting up their business. In particular the clear, concise chapters and sub-sections allow the reader to easily identify and focus on a particular area of interest, without having necessarily to read the entire book in one go. If you are setting up – or are thinking about setting up – a coaching business, or for that matter any other small business, I recommend it – highly.”

ADRIAN OLSEN  Managing Director and Head of Global Project Finance Bank of Ireland Corporate Banking

“I would readily recommend this book to anyone thinking of setting up their own business, whether or not it is in the field of coaching. It covers the whole spectrum of what it takes to organise and run your own enterprise. Based on many years solid experience in the coaching industry, the writer offers useful insights, encouragement and support. The book is packed with both invaluable advice and a good deal of common sense.”

RANDINI WANDURAGALA  Consultant Shared Profits Former Head of Policy World Vision UK. Former Advocacy Manager Asia Tsunami Response Team World Vision International

“This book will prove useful to both experienced and newly qualified coaches who are thinking about setting up their own business. It is pragmatic with its advice, and also thought provoking. A good practical read.”

LINDA GRANT Leadership Development Manager Skipton Building Society